Our Mission


Here at Bampad, we are empowered

empowered to ditch the stigma

No place for shame around here. Your period is part of your body's natural cycle - it's here for a reason and it deserves respect. By using products that support our bodies during our time of the month, we show ourselves that we care.

The epitome of empowered self-love is embracing every facet of your being - periods included.

empowered to protect your body

To consciously choose products that are the best for your body - highest quality, no nasty chemicals, no hidden ingredients - is the best thing you can do for yourself. That's why we use responsibly sourced bamboo fiber as our core ingredient - no need for pesticides, insecticides, or any other - cides to help it grow, and in turn, harm your body. Bampad is also left unbleached to avoid irritation or hormonal disruption from chlorine.

You deserve to have a worry-free period - by nixing the nastles, we help you on that mission.

empowered to protect our earth

Shopping for products that help protect our planet is the best way to do one thing to help curb climate change and environmental degradation. Climate changes is here now. We need to start creating and consuming products that preserve our planet's precious resources, like water and soil, and we need to use innovative raw materials like bamboo to make our products better.

Our planet deserves to prosper - we do our part by providing ethically and sustainably sourced bamboo period products. You do yours by opting for eco-friendly products.

empowered to support other women and girls

Beyond our commitment to quality products, we are committed to helping girls and women have access to eco-friendly and healthy period products. We do this by donating a portion of our profits to not-for-profit organizations fighting to help end period poverty. For every pad you buy, a girl in need gets one, too.

Girls and women everywhere deserve healthy and happy periods too.